LED (also: light-emitting diodes) is arguably the true future of artificial lighting. With minimum energy consumption, service life that is ten times higher than other technologies and a number of other advantages, LED lamps actively replace many of the previous lighting technologies. According to many experts, over time, diodes will replace conventional lamps as compact discs at one time replaced audio cassettes.

To put it simply – LEDs are a more efficient technology for producing light. In contrast to the other known methods for producing light - bulbs or chemical reactions, the light is produced by allowing current to frow through reversely charged plates.


Led street lightskb
Chart LEDs

Here are some of the LED advantages:

1. Last up to 50 times longer thar ordinary lights;
2. Cut electricity expenses by more than 50%;
3. Possibility to use in full color - RGB fixtures;
4. LED lamps emit very little heat at the surface;
5. LED lamps are low voltage fixtures;
6. Impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes;
7. Very low early failure rate.